Woodland Park Lake

TO: All Woodland Park Residents:

LAKE UPDATE as of 5/29/2020:

Southeast Pond Management Company continues to monitor the lake and treat it as needed. In April, 2020, they did an evaluation of the lake to estimate the size and numbers of the various types. They determined the lake fish populations have been growing well in number and size since the lake was restocked in 2017.  As part of their Evaluation Report, they have recommended we can expand the catch/keep fishing of the lake.

Therefore, EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2020, Fishing should be as follows;

• Bass 14 inches and BELOW can be caught and kept. Bass OVER 14 inches should be released if caught since the objective is to have them grow bigger to be a better sport fish size. SE Pond Management would actually like us to harvest about 200 lbs of the smaller bass (14” and below) to keep the lake from becoming over populated with them.
• Bluegill/brim can be caught/kept with a limit of 10 per person per day.
• All catfish can be caught/kept
• Carp should be released if caught. The Carp keep the lake clean and are generally not eaten here.

Some things to remember about fishing and boating in the lake:
1. Fishing is allowed for WP residents and accompanying guests only.
2. Each residence needs to have a WP HOA issued fishing license to fish. Need to be current on HOA dues. If you need a license please contact Russell Wood at [email protected] .
3. Shore fishing, except for residents with lake front property, can only be done around the pool and boat house areas, not from other residents' properties.
4. No WP resident is allow to fish on or from Randall Rogers' property - all the wooded land east of the pool to the dam, and by or on the dam. Also, no one can enter Randall Rogers' designated and private lake area to boat or fish - yellow buoys stretch across the lake to mark the north end of the lake to stay out of. If you cannot see the buoys, you can just not go beyond the last home on the lake down toward the dam. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TRESSPASS ON ROGERS' PROPERTY.
5. NO noise making motors on boats.
6. NO trout lines, jug fishing or netting allowed.
7. For safety, all boaters should have life jackets.

Lake Committee: Herb Willbanks, Ben LaFrentz, George Harker